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Ode To Nazi Zombies

2010-08-28 19:36:58 by khalillondon

Very soon I've been wanting to write over the instrumental that I made a little over a year ago (Ode To Nazi Zombies). Since it is the best track on my newgrounds page, and I've had a lot of request to either make an instrumental remake of another Nazi Zombie song or if one could rap over this, I'm giving others an opportunity to either collab with me on this track or do a solo track. Knowing me I won't have time to hit up this track, so I'll need one person to bless this instrumental with this voice (or multiple if they want to do a collab). Hit me up with what you want to do. Peace.

DJ K-Lo Productions aka KaLe KiNgStOn aka KALEidoscope.


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2010-08-28 19:37:52

also if you want to hit up any of my other instrumentals let me know and i'll get back at you.